Please do! Your input is extremely valuable as we develop our list of schools to target. The ISL (Initial School List) is fluid and will change as we go through the recruiting process.
    Absolutely not. When developing a solid ISL with you, we will consider various factors such as personal preferences, academics, geography, culture of the school, athletic ability, and others. A dynamic list of about 25 schools is more appropriate.
    Our reputation, approach, and understanding of the college’s needs allows us to begin new relationships. If your game and academics make sense for that school, then we will do what is needed to facilitate your introduction and develop the appropriate opportunity.
    We offer consulting services as it pertains to you playing at the college level. We do not communicate with professional teams, leagues, or those affiliated with such in any capacity.
    Videos play an important role. With that said, the only videos coaches will see of you will initially be sent by you. Most coaches do not search the web looking for videos of players. They trust PTW and ultimately will want to see you play in person.
    The fee for our workouts and those of third parties (including college camps) are not included with your consulting services investment. We strongly advise you to attend PTW workouts, as they are a great source of exposure to a captive audience built on relationships. but you are not required to do so.
    No. The offer to play ball and enroll in school is between the student-athlete, their family, and the school. Our aim is to enhance your opportunities to play ball at a college that matches both your academic and athletic abilities. But we do not negotiate the offers that are made.
    Absolutely. PTW wants to make sure you are participating in events and tournaments that are scouted by college coaches that best suit your vision.
    Yes we will and yes we do. We will get you in front of the right audience, so that you can capture their interest and, ultimately, an offer. PTW will get your name on the radar of appropriate schools based on the target list created with your family. You will be the one to impress the coaching staff and earn a roster spot. You will be the one to make the initial introduction. And we will be your guide along the way.
    Call. Text. Email. We are here for you whenever you need as often as you need. We cannot communicate too often. More is better. And when we say "YOU" we mean the entire family. No limit of touch points. Play to Win encourages ongoing communication with our clients and their families.
    No. Play to Win and Showball are two very distinct companies. Together, we have created a collaboration designed to provide student athletes exposure to decision makers, and incredible stage, robust and complete recruiting education, and ultimately an increase in the opportunities to be recruited. Working side by side PTW and Showball have created the most formidable relationship in the baseball and softball recruiting landscape.